NICE Issues Supplementary Advice for NICE Appraisal Committees tasked with appraising treatments which may extend life, at the end of life.

Source: National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence

Follow this link for supplementary advice to the Appraisal Committees, details of the consultation responses and the summary response to the consultation.

Date of publication:  August 2009

Publication type: webpages

In a nutshell: In order to support the Institute’s Appraisal Committees appraisal of treatments which may extend life at the end of life,  NICE have published the following:

  • Supplementary advice to the Appraisal Committees   (addendum to section 6.2.25 of the Guide to the Methods of Technology Appraisal which was approved by Institute’s Board on 17 December 2008.
  • Consultation responses – View on the proposition
  • Consultation responses – Wording in section 2
  • Consultation responses – Alternative methods
  • Consultation responses – General comments
  • Summary response to consultation
  • Acknowledgement:  Palliative Care Matters website.


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