Transforming Community Services: Ambition, Action, Achievement Transforming End of Life Care

Source: Department of Health

Follow this link for fulltext.

Date of publication: June 2009

Publication type: Practice Guidelines

In a nutshell: This is one of six ‘transforming community services guides’ aimed at frontline staff and their leaders. The guides are based on the best practice framework incorporating defined stages of ‘ambition’, ‘action’ and ‘achievement’. The Next Stage Review states that a high quality workforce is essential to achieve quality care. Each guide describes the six transformational attributes, which individuals and teams will need to demonstrate in order to meet the requirements of their highperforming ‘practitioner, partner, leader’ roles. Chapters in this publication include: 1. Getting the basics right; 2. Making everywhere as good as the best; 3. Delivering Evidence Based Practice; 4. Developing and supporting people to design, deliver and lead hight quality community services. Also included are ‘next steps’ for Providers, Practitioners and Clinical Leaders and for Commissioners.

Length of publication: 34 pages

Acknowledgement: Department of Health


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