Profiling the Midhurst Macmillan Palliative Care project

Source: NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

Date of publication: November 2009  

Publication type: Newsletter

In a nutshell:  A profile the Midhurst Macmillan Palliative Care project, a collaboration between Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS West Sussex.  Both organisations have worked together as the UK pilot for community based models of advanced palliative care which originated from Sweden and America. 

The objectives of the pilot are to:

  • provide models of care in patient’s homes, in community hospitals and in nursing homes
  • ensure patient choice is maximised
  • ensure acute hospital interventions and admissions are reduced
  • show that partnership working maximises use of resources and minimises costs.

Outcomes include: 

  • a doubling of the number of patients who can be supported in their choice to spend their final days at home
  • changes in preferred place of care/death 
  • estimated savings of £600,000 per annum. 

 Acknowledgement: NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement


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