What are the key challenges facing palliative care internationally in the next 10 years?

Source: International Journal of Palliative Nursing, v.16(7) p316-9

Date: July 2010

Follow this link to the full text article

Publication type: Article

Publication length: 4 pages

In a nutshell: Areas for development in Palliative Care (PC) in the next 10 years have been highlighted by Edinburgh University’s Primary PC Research Group at the 2010 UK Palliative Care Congress. Areas discussed are:

  • Provision for all life-threatening illnesses
  • Early referral to palliative care
  • Inclusion of spirituality in palliative care
  • Equality of access to palliative care
  • Increased palliative care availability in poorer countries

Some important notes: An NHS Athens password is required to access this article online. To register for NHS Athens follow this link.


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