Palliative day care: A qualitative study of service users’ experiences in the United Kingdom.

Source: Nursing & Health Sciences, 01 June 2011, vol. 13(2) p178-183

Date of Publication: June 2011

Follow this link for the article abstract

Publication type: Article

Publication Length: 6 pages

In a nutshell: During 2006 and 2007 the day care services at a hospice in England were redesigned. A new style service which comprised of specialist palliative care sessions replaced the traditional day care model. The objective of this study was to enhance the understanding of the aspects of the service which the users valued the most. The findings from the study were presented under 3 themes; the quality of staff; the sense of community;  and relationships. Of these, relationships between staff and patient groups held the greater significance. The article concluded that service providers need to recognise that the formation of relationships between staff, patients and carers are of the utmost importance when designing services.

Some important notes: Contact your local health library for a copy of this article. Follow this link to find your local health library.


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