Issues facing commissioners of end-of-life care

Source: The King’s Fund

Follow this link for summary and to download free fulltext.

Date of publication: September 2011

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell:  End-of-life care services are typically funded and delivered by a range of organisations including the NHS,  local government, the voluntary sector and independent agencies, charities and through informal or formal donations. This growing complexity coupled with demands on end-of-life care services means that commissioning services is challenging.  This document addresses the current complex arrangements around EoLC funding and highlights barriers as well as the opportunities commissioning offers.

Some of the issues that make end-of-life care important for commissioners include:

  • demographic changes =  an increase in the number of deaths and also increases in the number of people living with complex and co-existing  diseases
  • government’s end-of-life care strategy clearly emphasises that eolc is a local commissioning priority
  • several monitoring and incentive programmes are aimed at improving the quality of care.

Length of publication: 24 pages

Acknowledgement: The King’s Fund


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