Hospices in the UK are losing out under complex new commissioning and contracting arrangements

Source: International Journal of Palliative Nursing

Follow this link to download article

Date of publication: July 2013

Publication type: Article

In a nutshell: Between March and May of this year Help the Hospices undertook a survey of our member hospices in England, focussed on new commissioning and contracting arrangements between the recently established CCGs and hospices for the 2013/14 financial year. They found that commissioning and contracting have become much more complicated under these new arrangements, which are hindering hospices and saddling many with extra bureaucracy and costs. As well as additional costs arising from increased bureaucracy, some hospices have incurred significant costs as a result of delays in CCGs agreeing funding arrangements. The financial impact of the new commissioning and contracting arrangements on all hospices in England, primarily from new data-reporting requirements under the standard NHS contract, is conservatively estimated to be at least £3.2 million, although the true costs are likely to be much higher.

Length of publication: 2 pages

Some important notes: This article is available in full text to all NHS Staff using Athens. For more information about accessing full text, follow this link to find your local NHS Library



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