Dying at home: The role of social housing providers in suporting terminally ill in Wales

Source: Marie Curie Cancer Care

Follow this link for the executive summary

Date of publication: July 2014

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: The study, undertaken in partnership with Community Housing Cymru, local authorities and Registered Social Landlords, looked into the different community-based models of care across Wales and whether the environment the person is in is suitable to both the person’s physical and social needs when diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The Marie Curie report makes a series of recommendations towards achieving these ends, which include:

  • Frontline staff should receive sufficient training to support tenants with end of life needs and to maintain their own wellbeing, including training in how to comfortably approach conversations about the end of life;
  • Creative and flexible uses of resources within sheltered housing and extra care schemes should be further pursued;
  • Local authorities should actively involve housing providers in planning community based approaches to meeting end of life needs;
  • Organisations responsible for setting policy, strategy and budgets should recognise the role that can be played by social housing providers in the provision of sustainable care and support for terminally ill people that more closely matches their needs and wants.

Length of publication: 21 pages

Some important notes: To download the full report follow this link Dying at home: The role of social housing providers in supporting terminally ill people in Wales’


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