Living and dying with dementia in Northern Ireland: Barriers to care

Source: Marie Curie; Alzheimer’s Society

Follow this link for the full report

Date of publication: April 2015

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This paper explores how NCPC can ensure that there is a stronger focus on dementia as a terminal condition and on the barriers which prevent many people with dementia in Northern Ireland from accessing and receiving appropriate high quality care at the end of their lives. There are three key barriers:

1) Identification and planning: People with dementia are not being appropriately identified for end of life care.
2) Inequality of access: People with dementia have less access to care than people with other terminal illnesses.
3) Quality of care: people with dementia receive poorer quality care than people with other terminal illnesses.
It also explores how NCPC can improve the care and support for people who are living and dying with dementia, and their families, carers and relevant health and social care professionals. It focuses on what needs to change in Northern Ireland and draws on developments and research from across the UK.

Length of publication: 13 pages



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