Hospice Care in Scotland 2017

February 28, 2018

Source: Hospice UK

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Date of publication: February 2018

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: The Hospice Care in Scotland report 2017 states that hospices can help improve capacity in generalist health settings, by sharing their expertise in end of life care with other care provider, and highlights the substantial contribution made by Scottish hospices, especially in providing community-based support.

Length of publication: 22 pages



The state of hospice services in England 2014 to 2017

November 3, 2017

Source: Care Quality Commission

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Date of publication: October 2017

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report presents findings from CQC’s hospice inspection programme and finds that in hospice care across England a quarter of hospices were rated as outstanding, and 70% were rated as good.  It highlights the commitment staff and hospices demonstrate towards person-centred care.

Length of publication: 19 pages

One in four UK families who need end of life care missing out on crucial support

July 17, 2017

Source: Hospice UK

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Date of publication: July 2017

Publication type: News Item

In a nutshell:  One in four people who require end of life care and their families are not getting the support they need – especially those with conditions other than cancer – according to new analysis published by Hospice UK.  Hospice UK has launched a new campaign called Open Up Hospice Care. It aims to raise awareness among the public about the fact that hospice care is available to all people, regardless of who they are; their sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or illness.

Length of publication: 1 page

Some important notes: A briefing paper for the campaign can be found here

Heart failure and hospice care: how to make a difference

May 17, 2017

Source: Hospice UK

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Date of publication: May 2017

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This guide is intended for people providing and commissioning hospice services. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the need for a hospice-enabled approach to heart failure, and to suggest ways to engage with this issue using examples from services which have found creative solutions to move forward and overcome the challenges.

Length of publication: 44 pages

Hospice care in the UK 2016

January 10, 2017

Source: Hospice UK

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Date of publication: November 2016

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report sets out the vital contribution that hospices in the UK make to supporting people with terminal and life-shortening conditions and explores the scope, scale and opportunities for hospice care in the UK in 2016.

Length of publication: 24 pages

Preference for a single or shared room in a UK inpatient hospice: patient, family and staff perspectives

June 11, 2015

Source: BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care 2015 v.5(2) p169-174

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Date of publication: June 2015

Publication type: Article

In a nutshell: This study investigated the preferences of patients, family and staff for single or shared rooms in a UK hospice. Patients most often stated a preference for a shared room, especially if they had experience of being in this room type at the hospice. The main reason for this preference was the company of others. Patients preferring single rooms cited the benefits of increased privacy, reduced noise and private facilities. Other patients said their room preference would depend on how ill they were. Carers valued the social contact and increased staff presence in shared rooms, but felt that single rooms were easier for visitors and more appropriate when patients reached the end of life. Staff found it easier to observe patients in a shared room, and to maintain privacy and confidentiality in a single room.

In conclusion the study concludes that single and shared rooms should be available in a hospice. Innovative planning can enable the social benefits of shared rooms to be maintained without compromising patients’ privacy and dignity.

Length of publication: 6 pages

Some important notes: Please contact your local NHS Library for the full text of the article. Follow this link to find your local NHS Library.

End of life care in the community: the impact of poor coordination

March 10, 2015

Source: ehospice.com

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Date of publication: February 2015

Publication type: Blog

In a nutshell: The author refers to her friend’s terminal phase of her disease, highlighting how poor communication and coordination of care can make spending your lasts weeks and months at home a stressful and unhappy experience for everyone involved.

Length of publication:  1 page