Experts debate end of life care in hospitals

July 17, 2017

Source: Marie Curie

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Date of publication: June 2017

Publication type: News Item

In a nutshell: Experts from three countries gathered in Glasgow to discuss the challenges and successes in delivering end of life care in hospitals.

Length of publication: 1 page

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Transitions to palliative care in acute hospitals in England: qualitative study

April 26, 2011

Source: BMJ  2011; 342:d1773

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Date: March 2011

Publication Type: Article

Publication Length:7 pages

In a nutshell: This qualitative study explores how transitions to a palliative care approach are perceived to be managed in acute hospital settings in England. The article concludes that significant barriers to implementing a policy of structured transitions to palliative care in acute hospitals were identified by health professionals in both primary and secondary care. These need to be addressed if current UK policy on management of palliative care in acute hospitals is to be established.