Sue Ryder launches online community as new bereavement research is published

July 16, 2015

Source: Sue Ryder

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Date of publication: July 2015

Publication type: Webpage

In a nutshell: Sue Ryder has published findings from a new survey which highlight how sharing experiences of bereavement has a positive impact on how long it takes people to feel better. The research, which was conducted with Census Wide and had 2,053 respondents, found that it takes an average of two years, one month and four days to feel better following a bereavement.

“Sue Ryder’s new online community support service is an excellent way of bringing bereaved people together, so they do not feel isolated and can more easily get the peer support, advice and information they need.”

More information about the new online community and support is available on the Sue Ryder website.



Patients dying at home often ‘scared and alone’ without 24/7 support

October 20, 2014


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Date of publication: October 2014

Publication type: Web article

In a nutshell: Sue Ryder has launched a new campaign to draw attention to the national lack of comprehensive 24/7 expert support services for people who are dying and their loved ones that care for them. According to research by Sue Ryder, only 8% of clinical commissioning groups in England provide comprehensive 24/7 expert emotional support, practical advice and coordination for the dying, their carers and families. This lack of provision leaves people scared, alone and desperate for help – without anywhere immediate and appropriate to turn to outside of 9-5 working hours.

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Bedfordshire’s Partnership for Excellence in Palliative Support (PEPS)

October 26, 2012

Source: National End of Life Care Programme

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Date of publication: October 2012

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In a nutshell: Bedfordshire’s Partnership for Excellence in Palliative Support (PEPS) pilot is helping to integrate all end of life care services in the area. It is based on a ‘memorandum of understanding’ between 15 local organisations and a central electronic register that all individuals sign up to. So far two thirds of people’s deaths have taken place in their usual homes. The proportion of home deaths in the area has risen and hospital deaths fallen.

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Acknowledgement: National End of Life Care Programme


Transferring service provision from a Primary Care Trust to a charity: what needs to be considered?

August 26, 2011

Source: International Journal of Palliative Nursing v.17(8), p370-3

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Date of publication: August 2011

Publication type: Article

In a nutshell: This article examines the transfer of specialist palliative care services from NHS Berkshire West to Sue Ryder. The Department of Health’s initiative Transforming Communty Services provided the framework for transfer, which enabled the PCT to focus on commissioning rather than both providing and commissioning services. The complexities and challenges of transferring a service from the NHS to the voluntary sector are examined.

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Palliative care outsourced to the voluntary sector at two trusts

July 28, 2011

Source: The Guardian

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Date: July 2011

Publication type: Web article

In a nutshell: This article discusses the transfer of specialist palliative care services to charities from 2 NHS trusts. The drive to outsource palliative care comes from the Department of Health’s transforming community services programme, which in 2009 instructed primary care trusts to stop directly providing services. While some PCTs opted to transfer responsibility for palliative care to foundation trusts or community foundation trusts, Rotherham and Berkshire West outsourced to the voluntary sector.

Sue Ryder Care takes on NHS role

April 26, 2011

Source: getreading

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Publication Date:April 2011

Publication Type: Web article

In a nutshell: Berkshire West Primary Care Trust transferred all specialist palliative care services to Sue Ryder on April 1, as part of the Department of Health’s Transforming Community Services.

Acknowledgements: Topix Local News

End of life care: a rapid response hospice at home service

July 11, 2010

Source: Nursing Older People Vol. 22(4) p22-2

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Date: May 2010

Publication type: Article

In a nutshell: This article reports on a rapid response hospice at home service piloted by Sue Ryder Care. The project supported 17 patients to die in their own homes. Evaluation of the project will be shared with the local primary care trust in the hope that it will continue to fund the service. Other community-based models of end of life care that the charity has developed are outlined.

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Acknowledgements: MEDLINE