ACT calls for more Community Children’s Nursing to boost care for terminally ill children

March 23, 2010

Title: ACT calls for more Community Children’s Nursing to boost care for terminally ill children

Source: ACT

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Date of Publication: March 2010

Publication Type: Web Article

In a nutshell: ACT has welcomed the launch of Front Line Care, the report by the Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in England. One of the report’s key recommendations is a commitment to improve the care of all people with long-term health conditions, including children and young people, and the recognition of the leading role nurses play in delivering this.

Acknowledgements: The Prime Minister’s Commission on The Future of Midwifery and Nursing in England


ACT welcomes key working plans for families with disabled children

January 25, 2010

Title: ACT welcomes key working plans for families with disabled children

Source: ACT

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Date of publication: January 2010

Publication Type: News article

In a nutshell: ACT has welcomed the proposed new measures to support families with disabled children contained in the Government’s ‘Support for All – the Families and Relationships Green Paper’ published 20 January 2010. ACT Chief Executive, Lizzie Chambers said: “It is great to see the Government’s commitment to developing new ways of supporting families with disabled children. Nearly 24,000 children have a life-limiting condition which means they will not reach adulthood, and the families and carers who support them tell us that one of the greatest obstacles to receiving help is trying to communicate with the huge range of professionals who are involved in delivering care to their children. They need a named key worker to help them navigate; as well as advocate on their behalf.”

Some important notes: Follow this link to download a copy of the Support for all – the families and relationships green paper

Acknowledgements: Every Child Matters

Quality Markers for children and young people’s palliative care services

September 28, 2009

Source: ACT

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Date of Publication: September 2009

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In a nutshell: ACT has developed a series of Quality Markers which aim to support both providers and commissioners of services across the whole children’s palliative care sector as they strive to improve this quality of care. 

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GMC End of Life Consultation

June 18, 2009

Source: ACT

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Publication type: website

In a nutshell:  The GMC is conducting a consultation process with doctors, patients and the public in which they are invited to share their opinions on end of life care.  The GMC used a podcast to launch the presentation.    Click here to listen to the podcast .   This podcast is part of a broad consultation which in which they will contact more than 1000 organisations and individuals who are involved in end of life care or represent the views of the profession, patients and those with long term conditions.  The process will also include a series of UK wide meetings aimed at ensuring all interested parties are able to contribute their views.  Click here to access the consultation document.

ACT launches new family companion

May 27, 2009

Title: ACT launches new family companion

Author: ACT

Date: 7th May 2009

In a nutshell: ACT has launched a new publication to help families and carers of children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions understand what will happen following their child’s diagnosis.

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ACT welcomes Scottish Delivery Plan for Children

April 27, 2009

Title: ACT welcomes Scottish Delivery Plan for Children

Author: ACT

In a nutshell: ACT, the UK children’s palliative care charity, has welcomed the new three year National Delivery Plan for Children and Young People’s Specialist Services in Scotland (launched on 20th January 2009), but says it lacks specific recommendations for all children with palliative care needs, and should be extended to cover all life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

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Acknowledgements: ACT